Red Beard Barbecue is more than just barbecue. This is a passion, a love, an education, and a shared experience. It’s a chance to learn from the past, challenge the present, and strive for the future. Everything we’ve done has led us here. We had no idea that at ten years old when we first became friends, twenty years later we’d be embarking upon this culinary journey. And of course, we’re inviting all of you to join us!

We want to take bold flavors from all over the country, use new techniques and apply them to the pit menu. To us, barbecue isn’t just throwing meat on a smoker, chopping it up, throwing it on a plate, dousing it in some sauce, it’s about sourcing the best possible locally grown and raised ingredients, cooking and creating with those ingredients, exploring new and classic flavors. In addition to creating fun, exciting dishes we’re also creating relationships with the farmers, growers, green thumbs, customers, all with a purpose to generate and share passion throughout the community. We want to bring awareness to how important it is to know where your food comes from, how it’s prepared, and the effects all of these elements have on the individual and the community. We’re also tapping into our up bringing. You’ll find dishes on our menus that were inspired by our parents and grandparents, by our aunts and uncles, by places we’ve visited, and memories we try to relive through our taste buds.

Our smoked meats are cooked over wood. And only wood. No propane. No electricity. Just au-natural. We source our wood locally from oak to hickory to cherry and pecan.

Currently you can find us out in Gas, Kansas at the SEK Sale Barn Diner on Fridays from 11am-6pm. We are in the midst of constructing our very own food trailer, and soon you’ll have the opportunity to taste our dishes in Iola. Check out our menus and food options that we currently offer! Thank you so much for all of the continued support! Because you’re also supporting an incredible family with two very young kids, both of whom we’re all hoping, grow up to become incredible cooks! See you soon!

Red Beard Barbecue is co-owned and operated by Hiram Raby and Austin Honaker. Logo and Design work created by Lesley Hunt. Photos by Austin Honaker.